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Alexander Fedorov was born on 6th of may, 1978, in Leningrad (now Saint-Petersburg). Since the early childhood he was fond of different kinds of sports – from soccer to Taekwondo.

Alexander’s father Anatoliy who was an amateur bodubuilder in early 80’s influenced his son’s choice. As Alexander recalls his father used to take him to the gym, where he could reach the bases of the training process.

At the age of 14 Alex starts his power trainings, and already in 1994 he competed for the first time in his life. His first victory was in 1996 at the Saint-Petersburg championship and 1997 Alex wins his first international contest - German Open. Just in a year he became first Russian to win World junior championship.

After winning silver medals at amateur European championship, Alexander stops active performances. In 2002 he starts his training cycle for new championship of Europe which he wins in overall category in 2003. And the same year autumn, still as an amateur, he steps on-stage with the best athletes of that time, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler, and sensationally demonstrates the shape that allows him to compete on a par with the best bodybuilders on the planet. His outstanding shape helped him to achieve the pro- status.

Same year, during one of his regular work-outs Alexander got probably the most horrible for the competitive bodybuilder injury – he tored his peck. In the autumn of 2004 in only several months after the surgery, Alexander competes at the Grand Prix of Moscow, becoming second after Ronnie Coleman, That gives him a possibility to step on stage of the up-coming Mr. Olympia. Fedorov became the first Russian athlete to compete at the main contest of the planet.

Unfortunately, aftermaths of the injury and lack of the recovery period crucially affected his shape. Alexander competes at several professional contests but due to obvious problems with the chest doesn’t’ reach top 6 positions.

In 2006 Alexander quits competitive bodybuilding. He deals with his own projects, keens with auto sports and even participates in races.

In 2014 Fedorov announces return to professional bodybuilding and renews the training process.

Married, has three children – Veronika, Junia and Artemiy.


New York Pro 2015 (Teaneck, USA) → 7

Orlando Pro 2015 (Orlando, USA) → 3

Fitness House Pro (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), 2014 – 8

Mr. Olympia (Las Vegas, US) 2005 → 19

Russian Grand-Prix (Moscow, Russia) 2004 → 2

Russian Grand-Prix (Moscow, Russia) 2003 → 3

European amateur championship (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) → 1 overall

Junior world championship (Madrid, Spain) → 2

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